Friends farm improvements

The farm pictures in this album are an incomplete documentation of improvements sponsored by the Friends of SMF. 

Here is a description of what's covered in these pics: The donkey shed in the lower west pasture for Jack and Henry was purchased by the Friends, as was the sheep shed in the upper east pasture (in the foreground in the foggy barn shot).   There are 6 benches around the park paid for by the Friends and installed by Eagle Scout, Noah Scheidel, and the County.  These benches include the one by the barn parking lot, the one at the overlook on the ridge (dedicated to Steve West), the one at the pond, the one in the woods on the Bartol Trail going up the hill, the one near the carriage house (dedicated to Mary Ann Zeiders), and the one near the carriage house parking lot entrance (dedicated to Bill Keeth).  A total of 9 pasture shade trees for the animals were purchased by the Friends and installed by the County - with 6 going into upper west pasture and 3 going into the upper east pasture.  The Friends paid for one third of the cost of the electric line from the great barn and out to the pond to run the aerator (in the foreground of the pond pic), which should help keep the water clearer.   The Friends purchased and the County installed the 14 room purple martin house by the chicken coop.    The Friends also purchased a deer tick control station, that's installed on the hill above the manor house. 

This text list is a complete list of Friends accomplishments.